Non-invasive Pre Donation Hemoglobin Screening

Tailored for Blood Banks

Non-invasive Hemoglobin Test
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Eliminate risks of blood contamination
Save on
No more  biohazard waste
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Accurate results in 60 seconds
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6 Tests in ONE Device

  • Heart Rate

  • Oxygen Saturation

  • Blood Pressure

  • Hemoglobin

  • Hematocrit

  • Red Blood Cells

Manage Your Donors' Database

  • Share the results with your donors

  • Send reminders for future donations

  • Data integration using API

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Medically Tested & Clinicly Proven.

CE, CFDA , Anvisa Approved


Bio-Parameter Measured:

  • Heart Rate
  • Oxygen Saturation
  • Blood Pressure
  • Hemoglobin
  • Hematocrit
  • Red Blood Cells
The MTX HS is the ideal device for Blood banks Anemia testing by simply placing a finger, without the need to draw blood. It’s a new, accurate and easy to use method that will make the blood donation process more efficient. With the use of the dedicated “Singular” App and eHealth management cloud system, the donors’ data can be safely managed, analyzed and shared with the donors. The device is CE, ANVISA, NMPA approved.


  • Four LED lights shine wavelengths from visual light to infrared light through the fingertip.
  • As the light wave pass through the fingertip, some of it is absorbed and the light signal is changed.
  • Next, a camera sensor detects the changed light signal in real time.
  • Using patented algorithms and a vast amount of data, MTX HS analyzes the correlation between the signal and bio parameters


  • Battery charger

    • Input: ~100v-~240v, 50Hz – 60Hz

    • DC Output: 5v / 1300mA

  • MTX HS™ device
  • Stand/Finger Chamber cover
  • Protective pouch
  • Self-Test Arc
  • User Manual



  • Age Limitation: 18 years and older
  • Simple operation, History management
  • Connectivity: USB, interface with PC, smart-phone and web
  • Display: LCD 2.2″
  • LED Wavelength: 600 nm < Wavelengths < 1100 nm
  • Device Operating Temperature: 5°C – 40°C
  • Power Supply: FW7333SM/05
    • Input: 100V to 240V; 50-60Hz

    • Output: 5VDC, 1300m

  • Power Supply: FW8002MUSB/05

    • Input:100V to 240V; 50-60Hz

    • Output: 5VDC, 1400mA

  • Dimensions: 43.2mm x 47.65mm x 74mm (H x W x L)
  • Weight: 99.9gr


Tailored specially for blood banks

  • Eliminate risks of blood contamination
  • No consumables
  • Save space, money and time
  • No more biohazard waste
  • Accurate results in 60 seconds
  • Store results in dedicated App/Cloud
  • CE approved

Brazillians showing victory sign in jungle
Monitoring Vast Population in Rural Areas

For The last 4 year the native population of the Amazonas river has been monitored by using Cnoga’s non-invasive VSM device for Hemoglobin levels and other bio-parameters. The medical data was stored by Cnoga’s ’Singular’ cloud data management system for future analysis and follow up. Due to periodic check-up of the bio-parameters(e.g. hemoglobin), the self-awareness of the monitored population has led to improvement of the daily nutrition that resulted in better wellbeing of the population


1. Does the device require any additional equipment?

No additional equipment is needed.
No disposables and consumables are needed.
Everything is supplied with the device.

2. Any age limitations? For whom the device is not suitable?

The device has been tested on and is suitable for adults of 18 years old and up.
People with poor blood circulation in their fingers or with fingertip skin not intact, the device might show incorrect results.

3. Battery

  • How to charge the device?
Battery charger – Input 100v~-240v~, 50Hz – 60Hz. DC Output 5v / 1300mA, Micro USB.
  • Is the battery removable?
The battery is not removable. The battery is not user-replaceable and can be replaced only by CNOGA’s authorized technician
  • When do I need to charge the device?
For daily usage it is recommended to charge the device every day.

4. Is there any maintenance that needs to be performed on the device?

Inside the finger chamber there is a lens, to get correct and accurate results you need to make sure that the lens is clean.

5. How does the device work?

Unlike traditional invasive Hb devices (Hemocue, EKF etc.) that require a blood sample, the MTX/VSM uses four LED lights to shine wavelengths from visual light through the fingertip. As the light waves pass through the fingertip some of it is absorbed and the light signal is changed. A camera sensor detects the light signal in real time. Using patented algorithms and a vast amount of data, the device analyzes the correlation between the signal and bio-parameters.

6. How long will it take until the results appear on the screen?

The results will appear on the screen after a few seconds, but it is recommended to wait for at least 45 seconds until the device stabilizes.

7. Why is it important to warm up the finger before measuring?

The device depends on the blood flow in the finger. When the finger is warm the blood flow through it increases, thus improving the measurement.

8. How can I know which software version is on my device? Is there a newer version?

  • Options – > Product Info – > Firmware version.
  • Open Cnoga Firmware Upgrader (CFU) on your PC. Connect the device to your home PC. If there is a newer version, you will get a notice to upgrade the device. If not, you have the most up-to-date version.

9. Can I save results on the device? What is the maximum number of savings? Where can I find saved measurements in the device?

  • To save the results of a measurement on the device, when the measurement is stopped, press the button next to the floppy disk sign
  • The device can keep up to 500 measurements.
  • To find previously saved measurements, open the main menu by a long press of the bottom button and select ‘History’. The saved measurements are listed by date and time. You can change the presented parameter by pushing the topmost button.